Storybook Stars Personalised Books

Project One

Storybook Stars create beautiful personalised books for Children. Established in 2003, we re-designed their website improving the book sales by over 60%.

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K2 Specialist Services Limited

Project Two

K2 have been a client of Colourways for over 10 years. They requested a refreshing, modern style and search engine optimising, to attract more business.

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Rosewell Online Community Website

Project Three

Rosewell Online is a community website. Linking all groups and organisations into one place. Sharing information to the residents of Rosewell.

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Get your Business found on Google

Project Four

Trying to climb your way throught the search engine optimising process? We can get your website upto the top and keep you there.

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Colourways online since 1995

Web design and development from a
local web design company. We build websites to deliver on web standards, validation and search engine optimising. Lets work together.


Effective Advertising using Google

Google Adwords not bringing the return you were hoping for? Using our tried and tested system we can turnaround your fortunes bringing the right customers to your door.

Social Networking what's it all about?

Social networking is about one thing: connections. You can join every social network on the planet, but unless you can provide some value, some reason for people to want to connect with you, you stand no chance of successfully using social networking to make any progress from a business standpoint. Below I will address a few ways that you help to expand the number of people connecting with you on social networks, how you can use social networks to save money and how we can help you use them to generate new leads or calls to action.


Chances are you or someone at your business already has a Facebook account. If you are already familiar with Facebook you understand the power Facebook has to create and maintain connections. If you are already using Facebook in your personal life to create and maintain connections and relationships there is no reason you shouldn’t be doing the same for your business.

People can also become fans of your page. This allows you to send updates to all of your fans. Wouldn’t it beneficial for your company if you could instantly and effortlessly send an update to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers without spending a penny on advertising?


Twitter – you either love the concept or you hate. Some people get it, some don’t. That being said it could be beneficial to have your business on Twitter. Just launched a new product line? Tweet it. Just completed a big project? Tweet it. Hire a new employee? Tweet it. Moved your business location? Tweet it. Got a special offer to promote? Tweet it.

Twitter allows you to quickly and easily update those that care about your business on the internal goings on of your company. Keeping your business on the mind’s of your customers is always a good thing.

If you find yourself short on time needed to manage a social networking presence and maintain those all important customer relationships, maybe we can help. As a local web design, development and marketing firm we specialise in making our clients known across the Internet. One of the methods we use is social networking. So if you are looking for some help getting started with social networking, or want someone to manage your online presence, call us today. 0131 440 2755