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If you are not driving the traffic and page views you used to, then something is up. We can change that
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Sell and generate brand awareness, connect with customers. Custom designed Fan Page stand out from the crowd.

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Twitter is a great collaboration tool, which can be successfully used to save time and money. Take full advantage of Twitter and gather information

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Trying to climb your way throught the search engine optimising process? We can get your website upto the top and keep you there.

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Who we are? What we do? Why hire us?

Colourways began almost 16 years ago as a small web design company. Since then we have evolved and expanded. We are now proud to offer our clients the complete service spanning web design, website development and search engine marketing. Using the latest software and design techniques, we can create functional websites that not only capture the essence of a company, but are fully functional to the needs and requirements of each individual client. Our main aim is to improve the online exposure for all our clients via innovative designs and online marketing campaigns that simply work.

website design and development

With technology changing as rapidly as it does, many business websites that were created a few years ago are in dire need of a redesign.  While there were only a few different design elements being used a a few years ago, new and much more creative websites are popping up all over the web.  There are many reasons that a business website could use a redesign. You will need to ask yourself some soul searching questions and give yourself a honest answer as well. First, when you visit your current site are you exited about it? If not, there’s your sign. When you are asked for your web address do you find yourself saying “We are working on it” or “We do not have one yet” ? If so, there’s your sign.

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But seriously, if you are not driving the traffic and page views you used to, then something is up. Does your analytics, and I hope you are running minimally Google Analytics, does it tell you you have a 70% or higher drop off rate? Then you may be bleeding money. Time for a new website redesign. These are but a few things to  considered in determining if your business website life cycle has become depleted and is in need of a change.

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