Google wants to give you the relevant answer you were looking for, first time. By designing your website effectively your business should rank high.

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Microsoft has spent a lot of money promoting Bing since its launch, and Bing’s usage has grown by millions of people since then.

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Yahoo! search scans three main areas: Yahoo! categories, web sites listed in Yahoo!, and web pages indexed by Alta Vista.

Is your business listed?
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We've tested 20 ways to use Google in business. It Works

To understand how Google works and how search engines work in general we need to understand what makes a good search engine? A good search engine will give their customer (the person entering words into the search box) the results they are looking for.

Google wants to give you the relevant answer you were looking for, first time. What it doesn’t want you to do is search again or click in and out of websites because you can’t find what you are looking for. Why not ? that’s just not how Google works because if you can’t find what you are looking for quickly, then there is a good chance you will try a different search engine and if enough people start using a different search engine then google won’t be the best and most popular search engine any more, people would be “binging it”  just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “google it” does it!


Google looks for a number of different things when deciding where to index your page in the rankings. The main things are, in no particular order. 1. Quality of content. 2. On page keyword placement. 3. Other sites linking (voting) to your page. 4.Domain name

How Google works with quality. Your Page within your site that you want to rank should be of good quality and give the person that visits your site what they are looking for. This is often overlooked.

Develop your Google RankHow Google works with keyword placement. Known as on page search engine optimization or on page SEO is probably one of the easiest components of lining your page up with how Google works. On page SEO is a case of keeping to a few guide lines when designing your content and layout.

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