Twitter is a great collaboration tool, which can be successfully used to save time and money. Take full advantage of Twitter and gather information

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To Tweet or not to Tweet

As with any tool, social media needs to be studied, evaluated and put to use as part of a broader business plan.

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We love Social Media

We love Social Media

Social media has completely and irrevocably changed the way my company goes to market. It has changed the core of our business.

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We've tested 10 ways to use Twitter in business. It Works

Using Twitter, you can join topic groups related to your business and career and gain valuable information from scanning others’ tweets. Your company will gain new customers and potential partners. Do a search for keywords related to your product on Twitter Search and then follow the users.

Anyone can use Twitter to build a personal brand. Your customers and prospective clients will perceive you as an approachable social personality. Twitter is designed to establish consistent and deeper relationships for future benefits.


Twitter allows you to share the latest news and events related to your business in 140 characters. Set up a Twitter feed for the specific purpose of notifying customers when new products come in. You can use this free platform to inform event participants and highlight what’s special. Sharing valuable information and useful tips helps you build a strong web presence and gain visibility on the Internet.

Twitter can be used to direct traffic to your websites. You can share information that is useful for prospective clients to enhance your reputation. Avoid hard-sell tactics: focus on building relationships. Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of Twitter and gather information about what customers, competitors and others are saying about your business.

Develop your Twitter presense

Twitter is a great collaboration tool, which can be successfully used to save time and money. Forget about sending endless emails and calls – you can rather release short tweets to your team members describing what you have to say. Share what you’re doing so people learn about the type of work you do. You can read the tweets of your competitors daily and stay in touch with them. Although this rarely happens in the real world, Twitter has changed it all. This platform allows you to follow companies, experts, leaders and competitors in your industry.

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